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CLONI  Clonidine (Catapres) Medtox Laboratories, Inc.
CLRT  Clot Retraction Baystate Reference Laboratories
CLOZ  Clozapine, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
COBALT  Cobalt, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
COCANE  Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine, Blood LabCorp
QCOC  Cocaine Metabolites, Qnt, Urine Contracted Reference Lab
QSCOC  Cocaine with Conf, Oral Fluid Contracted Reference Lab
UCOC  Cocaine, Urine, Screen Baystate Reference Laboratories
UCOCZ  Cocaine, Urine, Screen with Confirmation Baystate Reference Laboratories
SCOC  Coccidioides Antibody, Complement Fixation and Immunodiffusion, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
CBUR  Cocklebur IgE Contracted Reference Lab
CKROCH  Cockroach IgE Contracted Reference Lab
COCO  Coconut IgE Contracted Reference Lab
CODFSH  Codfish IgE Contracted Reference Lab
COQ10  Coenzyme Q10 Contracted Reference Lab
CFFE  Coffee IgE Contracted Reference Lab
COLD  Cold Agglutinins LabCorp
CBA  Collagen Binding Assay LabCorp
CRAG  Common (Short) Ragweed IgE Contracted Reference Lab
CMIL  Common Millet IgE Contracted Reference Lab
C1QOMP  Complement C1q, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
C2  Complement Component C2 Quest Diagnostics
C3  Complement Component C3 Baystate Reference Laboratories
C4  Complement Component C4 Baystate Reference Laboratories
C5  Complement Component C5 Quest Diagnostics