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HIV2VL  HIV 2 RNA Quantitation LabCorp
HIVTRN  HIV Trofile RNA LabCorp
HIVPCR  HIV-1 DNA and RNA Qualitative Detection by PCR, Plasma Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
HIVQTS  HIV-1 RNA (Viral Load) Quantitative, Plasma Baystate Reference Laboratories
HLB27  HLA-B27, Blood Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
HNK1  HNK1 (CD57) Profile LabCorp
HDUST  Hollister-Stier House Dust IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HOCYST  Homocysteine, Plasma Baystate Reference Laboratories
UHVAQ  Homovanillic Acid, 24 Hour, Urine Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
HVAP  Homovanillic Acid, Random, Urine Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
HBEE  Honey Bee IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HONEY  Honey IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HOP  Hop Fruit IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HORSDN  Horse Dander IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HRSFLY  Horsefly/Stablefly IgE Contracted Reference Lab
HPVGT  HPV Genotype Testing - Cytology Baystate Reference Laboratories
HPV  HPV Testing Baystate Reference Laboratories
HTLVWB  HTLV I/II Western Blot LabCorp
HTLVAB  HTLV1/HTLV2 Antibody LabCorp
HTLVCF  HTLV1/HTLV2 Antibody, CSF Baystate Reference Laboratories
FHAM  Human Anti-mouse Antibody (HAMA) Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
HV6PCR  Human Herpesvirus-6, Molecular Detection, PCR, Plasma Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
TGFB1  Human Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 Baystate Reference Laboratories
HYMORP  Hydrocodone and metabolites Medtox Laboratories, Inc.
HY21AB  Hydroxylase 21 Antibody LabCorp