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Test Code ANAC Culture, Anaerobic

Reflex Tests

This test cannot be ordered directly, it is reflexed from an order for a Deep Wound (DEEPC), Sterile Body Fluid (SBFC), or Tissue Culture (TISSC)

Collection Container

Eswab, sterile sealed container, Amies swab, Port-a-cul, syringe with needle removed.

Specimen Required

Aspirates, abscess, deep wound, tissue, sterile body fluid, lung aspirate. Shielded bronchial brush, sulfur granules from patients with suspected Actinomycosis.

Special Handling Instructions

An anaerobic culture cannot be ordered as a stand alone test. An order for a deep wound culture, sterile body fluid culture or tissue culture must accompany this test.

Specimen Volume

5 mL

Minimum Specimen Volume

1 mL

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Swab specimens submitted in an Eswab are stable for 48 hours at room temp or refrigerated. Other specimen types stable for 24 hours refrigerated.

Days and Times Performed

7 days/week

Turnaround Time

5 - 14 days

NOTE: Joint fluid and other orthopedic specimens will be cultured for 14 days before a negative result is reported.

Reference Ranges

No anaerobes isolated



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