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Test Code BCD20 B Cell CD20 Quantification

Collection Container

Lavender EDTA

Specimen Required

Place specimens in a bag near the flow cytometry rack at LCRI.  The tubes should remain lying down.  Do not place upright in the rack.

Special Handling Instructions

An additional lavender top (EDTA) tube must be collected at the same time (within 6 hours maximum) as the BCD20 so that a Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBCD) may be ordered.   If a CBC is ordered on the requisition please order CBDIF.

Specimen Volume

3 mL Lavender top

Transport Temperature

Room Temperature

Specimen Stability

Transport specimen to the Flow Cytometry at BMC Laboratory as soon as possible.


Numeration of specific subpopulations with monoclonal antibodies to lymphocyte antigens by flow cytometry.

Days and Times Performed

Draw anytime.  Test performed day shift Monday - Saturday; not on Sunday or holidays (Holidays include the weekdays celebrated by Baystate Medical Center when an actual holiday falls on a weekend).  The specimen is acceptable as long as it is received by the flow cytometry laboratory within 72 hours of collection.

Turnaround Time

1 - 2 Days

Reference Ranges

Reference Range for adults:

CD20+ (B-cell) cells: 4-24%; 27-423k/mm3

CD19+ (B-cell) cells: 5-25%; 26-429k/mm3

CPT Code

88184, 88185 × 2

EMR Interface Order Code