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Test Code FRS Reducing Substances, Feces

Additional Information

Bacterial fermentation may give falsely low results if specimen is not analyzed within 1 hour In the neonatal period, high Clinitest results may be observed

Collection Container

Plastic stool container with lid

Specimen Required

Stool, (loose stool)

Special Handling Instructions

Transport specimen to the laboratory immediately

Specimen Volume

Entire collection

Minimum Specimen Volume

2 grams

Transport Temperature




Days and Times Performed

Test performed daily

Turnaround Time

24 hours

Reference Ranges

Readings of 0.25 g/dL (1/4%) to 0.5 g/dL (1/2%) are regarded as suspicious.

Readings >0.5 g/dL indicate abnormal amounts of reducing substance.

CPT Code


EMR Interface Order Code