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Test Code LYTES Electrolytes

Additional Codes

EMR Interface Order Code: 05800

Collection Container

Serum gel

Specimen Required


Other Acceptable Specimen Types

Heparinized plasma

Specimen Volume

1 mL

Minimum Specimen Volume

0.1 mL

Special Handling Instructions

Hemolysis and prolonged contact of serum with cells produces
elevation of potassium. Elevated platelet count or very elevated
white blood cell count may falsely elevate blood potassium. Plasma
potassium may be ordered to eliminate interference.

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

See individual test listings


See individual test listings

Reference Ranges

Sodium: all ages: 133-145 mmol/L
Potassium: all ages: 36-52 mmol/L
Chloride: 0-1 month: 100-116 mmol/L;

1 month to adult: 98-107 mmol/L
Bicarbonate: 22-29 mmol/L

Turnaround Time

3 hrs for routine, 1 hr for STAT

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Test performed daily

Additional Information

Sodium heparin samples are ok for sodium analysis if the
collected tube is full If tube is not filled, test is not
acceptable for sodium

CPT Code




Units of Measure