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Test Code P2Y12 Verify Now P2Y12 (PRU Test)

Important Note

Please call the Hematology laboratory between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm to schedule P2Y12 (PRU testing). Collection instructions and draw tubes will be sent to the PSC.

Platelet count(PLT) should be ordered and drawn at the same time.

Specimens must be received in the Hematology Laboratory by 3:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Collection Container

2 ml - 3.2 % Sodium Citrate Grenier Bio-one blue top tubes

Specimen Required

2- 3.2%Sodium citrate Grenier Bio-one blue top tubes

1-EDTA lavender tube

Specimen Volume

4 ml - 3.2%sodium citrated whole blood

Minimum Specimen Volume

1-3.2% Sodium citrate Grenier Bio-one blue top tube (no repeat available)

1-EDTA lavender tube

Transport Temperature

Room temperature

Do not transport through pneumatic tubes

Specimen Stability

4 hours

Reasons for Rejection

Incorrect draw tube,QNS, clotted, refrigerated, frozen,specimens sent through pneumatic tube, greater than 4 hours old when received in Hematology laboratory.


Platelet induced aggregation, turbidimetric based optical detection

Turnaround Time

1 hour

CPT Code