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Test Code PB Lead, Pediatric (<16 yrs)

Important Note

Demographic information must accompany sample. This includes patient address, guardian information, race and ethnicity.

Additional Codes

APB should be used for patients >16 years of age

Collection Container

Tan top

Dark blue trace metal tube with EDTA or lavendar top (EDTA) also acceptable.

Specimen Required

Whole blood

Special Handling Instructions

Mix well to avoid clot formation. Send specimen in original tube.
Instructions for capillary collection:
 *Wash thoroughly the hand, foot with soap and water and dry with a clean low lint towel.
 *If water is not available, the skin may be cleansed using foaming soaps or alcohol prep pads.
 *The finger/heel to be punctured must be free of any visible infection or wounds, and the area should be massaged to increase blood flow prior to collection.
 *Do not allow the cleansed area to touch any articles of clothing or non-cleansed skin areas prior to sample collection.
 *Lance the skin area using routine capillary collection techniques, and remove the frist droplet of blood using a gauze pad or other sterile blotting material. Do not wipe

 *Blood which runs down the finger around the fingernail is not
  usable for collection.

Specimen Volume

3 mL

Minimum Specimen Volume

0.5 mL

Transport Temperature

Room temperature

Specimen Stability

Room temp: 14 days

Refrigerated: 14 days

Frozen: 14 days

CPT Code