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Test Code RESPRF Respiratory (RSV/FLU) Reflex Panel

Important Note

Test Includes: Influenza A & B and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).  Negative specimens reflex to Respiratory Pathogen Panel by PCR (at an additional charge).

Collection Container

Nasopharyngeal swab: Submit using a fine-tipped flocked swab with a flexible shaft.  Place the swab into a viral transport medium (sucn as red-capped Microtest M4RT Transport Tube)

Reasons for Rejection

Nasal swab, unbendable wire shafted swab, specimen received on dry swab, cotton swab, wood shafted swab or calcium alginate tip swab, excessive delay in transport, specimens that have leaked into bag.

Days and Times Performed


Turnaround Time

Within 6 hours

Reference Ranges

Negative, Not Detected

CPT Code

87502, 87798

EMR Interface Order Code