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Test Code XM Crossmatch (Blood Bank)

Additional Information

A crossmatch includes the set up of red cell products for preadmission surgical patients or other patients for whom red cell transfusion has been ordered or is anticipated, or red cell requested on hold; compatibility determination between donor red cells and recipient plasma by appropriate technique, antigen screen of donor units when recipient has a clinically significant antibody. When appropriate, an electronic compatibility test may be performed to detect ABO incompatibility instead of a serologic crossmatch.

Special Handling Instructions

Positive identification of the patient. When applicable, compare the hospital wristband with the patient information on the request form. Label the tubes with the patients' full name, unique identification number (eg: medical record number, typenex number), date, time, and initials of collector (two sets of initials for patients to be transfused)

Specimen Volume

4 mL

Minimum Specimen Volume

4 mL

Reasons for Rejection

Specimen improperly labeled; specimen grossly hemolyzed

Days and Times Performed

Daily, 24 hours

Reference Ranges

Report includes interpretation as appropriate

CPT Code

86920 (compatibility test immediate spin); 86922 (compatibility test antiglobulin test); 86923 (compatibility test electronic); 86921 (compatibility testing incubation)